Wendell and Ileen Miller, Medicine River Suris, have been successfully farming in Alberta for many years now. Early in 1998 they purchased their present farm in Markerville, Alberta. After being introduced to camelids the same year, Wendell and Ileen started building their breeding program with a foundation herd purchased from the 1998 importation of top quality bolivian llamas. Their success with the original group and their offspring has been wonderful and includes top 10 placings at the Celebrity Futurity.

Now in just a few short years, their herd has grown to over 200 quality animals. With their program of breeding for top quality suri llamas, they have standing at stud on their ranch: Soul Man (a total outcross) who is consistently producing pencil lock and luster, his son Taylor Made who is following right in his sire's footsteps, Easy Money who is a full bolivian Radical son and also producing amazing lock and luster, and suri Tadashi Fuse, a Peruvian Vice son.

With a keen interest, passion for quality, and uncompromising devotion to the llama and alpaca industry, the Miller's offer their finest reproductive stock based on sound breeding practices. As dedicated enthusiasts, Wendell and Ileen attend seminars and industry events at every opportunity, and are active members in the Parkland Llama and Alpaca Club, the A.L.P.A.C.A. Club in Devon, Alberta, the International Llama Registry and the Suri Llama Association.

Wendell and Ileen receive the most enjoyment by seeing the results of their breeding program, spending time working with the animals, going to shows and meetings, showing their breeding program to visitors, and meeting new friends in the industry.

Herd Sires

Llamas For Sale

M.R.S. Direct Deposit, male, DOB: June 21, 2004.
Sire: Bolivian Easy Money. Dam: MMR Melinda.
Direct Deposit won first place at the 2005 Lethbridge Futurity and GRAND CHAMPION at the 2005 Parkland Breeders Sweepstakes.

M.R.S. Cotton Candee, female, DOB: July 17, 2003
Sire: Bolivian Easy Money. Dam: Bolivian Cotton Jenny
Candee was GRAND CHAMPION at the Parkland Breeders Sweepstakes in 2004. She is a knockout full bolivian, black and white Easy Money daughter with
awesome banana ears and fine pencil locks in her soft suri fiber and is
consigned to the 2005 LFA.

M.R.S. Carbon 14, a super suri Soul Man son.

A group of male llamas at Medicine River Suris

Wendell & Ileen Miller
Medicine River Suris
Markerville, Alberta
Canada T0M 1M0
Ph: (403) 728-3512
Fx: (403) 728-3932
E-mail: mrsuri@rttinc.com

LlamaSalesList.Com Comments: Medicine River Suris will go down in history as the first ever privately held auction that we ever hosted. We are glad that
they have decided to be the first to try a private sale with us.