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Who is LlamaSalesList.Com?

LlamaSalesList.Com under the umbrella of Burnt Mountain Llamas, Inc. and is an internet-based llama sales advertising service for sellers and buyers of show quality llamas. The site was created by Jim White, of Burnt Mountain Llamas in Virginia. Brian Edwards later joined as a business partner on the auction portion of the site but recently has worked on other areas and is now considered a full time business partner. There is also an anonymous selection committee made of several members from the llama community that help vote on which llamas to accept to the List. Jim also has a web page design business as well as a herd of llamas. Jim in his own search for high quality llamas saw a need for a place that buyers/sellers of llamas could meet via the internet. The idea was to create a service that will do the advertising on behalf of sellers, so that sellers can use their time and efforts in other areas pertaining to their farms and business. Our name was carefully selected because "Llama sales list" is a frequently typed phrase by people looking for llamas and the name is easy to remember. For this reason, we believe that the we will gain popularity fairly fast and hopefully, move llamas in and out quickly for the sellers.

What is the purpose of LlamaSaleList.Com?

Our purpose is three fold: 1) to promote llamas and help grow the llama industry 2) to provide a llama listing service where the sellers do not have to be concerned with advertising llamas and buyers will have another option to consider when looking for llamas. We want to bring potential buyers to sellers, at which point it is up to the sellers and buyers to discuss the llama(s) of interest. This process has worked very well thus far. 3) to provide national online llama auctions at least once a year and provide production sales as requested pending the timetable. We believe there are plenty of excellent llamas in the U.S. and Canada and not enough outlets to accommodate the need for people to sell their llamas. Our services, along with others that offer similar services, together, will help keep our llama industry thriving. Our consigned llamas are selected by a special committee that only approves llamas that meet special requirements.

When was LlamaSalesList.Com created?

The idea of LlamaSalesList.Com came in August 2002 and was advertised in Llama Life II magazine in January 2003. The web page officially opened January 10, 2003. The web site then closed in October 2003 to be restructured and to redefine some of our goals. We reopened November 22, 2003 with a new list of llamas available from some of the best farms in the United States.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Contact us using the "Contact Us" link below or call us at 540-910-2025.


Online Auctions

What assurance do I have that a llama I bid on is excellent?

We do not offer any guarantee that a llama will be outstanding, but we try to select llamas that have some evidence of excellence. For example, llamas that have been shown and have done well is excellent proof and should add confidence in bidding on these types of llamas. Buyers are encouraged to contact sellers in advance to arrange a visit to see llamas in person or request a video, pictures, or more information about a llama. Some sellers may have satisfaction guarantees and the potential buyers should inquire to find out what guarantees, if any, the sellers offer. Any guarantees that are given to us by the sellers will be posted in the auction.

Can I raise or lower a reserve once the sale starts?

Reserves cannot be raised once the auction starts. If you want to lower a reserve, you can easily do so through the Seller control panel.

How do I consign a llama for the auction?

The easiest way to consign is to register at Once registered, log in and click on "Seller" from the menu at the top of the page. You will see a menu with options - select "Consign" and fill out the form, followed by uploading photos. Registration is free and allows the registrant to both buy and sell llamas, provided the registrant remains in good standing with LlamaSalesList.Com. Alternatively, one can register using a paper application. The cost to consign is $50.

Is there a limit to the number of llamas I can consign?

There is no limit. You can send in as many llamas as desired, but only the ones meeting our criteria will be selected.

Are crossbreeds or unregistered llamas allowed in the sale?

Sorry, all llamas must have ILR registration and an official ILR certificate. Llamas registered as crosses by ILR or llamas not in the ILR registry will not be accepted to any of our online auctions. Llamas that are eligible for ILR registration must be registered prior to auction commencement unless LSL grants an exception for extenuating circumstances.

Is there an age requirement for the llamas in the sale?

All llamas must be at least 6 months old at the time of the opening of the auction to be in the sale.

In what format should photos be sent or uplaoded?

Photos can be mailed (if developed on film - not hard copies of digital images printed on paper), placed on a cd-rom or floppy disk, or emailed to directly to us. All photos must be un-cropped (original size) with no modifications whatsoever. If photos look touched up or changed, the llama will not be considered, unless new photos can be provided. For considering for inclusion in our ads, photos must be "print quality" (300dpi).

How many photos can I send in of one llama?

You must send at least a photo of the front, back, full side, and a up close shot of the llama's fiber. Since this is an online auction, we encourage everyone to use more if they wish. You are in control of your consignments, and you can add or delete photos at any time. We will assist you if you need help doing this.

Will llama transportation be arranged by LlamaSalesList.Com?

Llama transportation must be arranged between the buyer and seller, but the Buyer is ultimately responsible for shipping. LlamaSalesList.Com will will try to help in making transportation arrangements when possible but is not obligated to do so. There are many llama regional and national events throughout the year that can make traveling arrangements easier. There are also numerous llama transporters available for hauling. We have set up a bulletin board on the auction site to assist in making arrangements. We would be glad to suggest ideas if requested.

Can I sell my llama after it has been consigned and before the auction?

Once your llama is consigned, we would really like it to remain in the sale. However, if you want to sell your llama prior to the auction, you can do so, but there will be a 10% commission fee on the purchase price of that llama. Please understand we need a copy of the sales contract with signatures in order to release the llama from the sale.

How do I bid?

You must register on the web site and agree to the buyer agreement before you will be eligible to bid. You must give a valid mailing address, phone number, and email address in order to participate as a bidder.

Can I bid on my own llamas?

Owners have the right to buy their llama back if they so choose. There will be commission due of either $100 or 10% of the final bid amount, whichever is higher.

Will My personal information be given to 3rd parties?

Absolutely not! We will never disclose any of your personal information provided to us. Here is our privacy statement: "LlamaSalesList.Com will gather your information so that other people will have it on hand when you win their auction (or they win your auction). Personal information will never be sold or rented. Personal information sent to a user regarding a llama sold on the auction is not to be used for any other purpose, except for communication about the auction item."

Why do I have to pay $100 if my llama does not sell?

The time, advertising, and technology involved in promoting and running an online auction is costly. In order to provide an outlet to buy and sell llamas such as this, it is necessary to ensure a minimal revenue from the sale. If we did not do this, we may not be able to provide auctions in the future, or we would have to increase our consignment fee, which is currently $50. When compared to other auctions, we believe our fees are very reasonable and in addition to selling your llama, there is the added benefit of farm promotion and increased visits to your website. In essence, you are getting advertising as well.

Jim White/Brian Edwards

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